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  • 12.1 Inch 6-Parameter Patient Monitor PDJ-3000A

    Specifications: 12.1 Inch Color TFT displaySuitablefor adult, pediatric and neonatalpa Multi-parameter like: ECG PR TEMP NIBP SPO2 B Audibleand visual alarms with adjustable alarm ranges Networkable with central monitoring Powerful data management and storage capa …

  • 8 Inch 6-parameter Patient Monitor PDJ-3000B

    Features:Ergonomicdesign portable convenient for useUnique digitalSPO2 technology can work accurate during motion and low perfusionAnti AC &high-frequency electrosurgical & defibrillator’s interferenceRich screen layout,standard, large font, trend graph, ECG full lead, SPO2, NIBP, RESP, TEMP…

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