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Anesthesia machine JINLING-01D

Product Name:Anesthesia machine JINLING-01D

IntroThis paragraph anesthesia machine comes standard with dual evaporator tank, integrated breathing circuit, rotating one-lime soda cans, color LCD screen, a system-wide parameter monitoring, multi-sensor, alarm system, with oxygen concentration monitoring, optional plug-patient monitor is a high-grade anesthesia machine.
Product Details


With 1 patient circuit for adult (Optional:patient circuit for children)

5-tube flowmeters, O2 & N2O &Air;0.1 L/Min ~ 10 L/Min;

Two vaporizers,Enflurane/Isoflurane/Sevoflurane; (Option: Halothane)

Oxygen Flush: 25~75 L/Min;

Respiration Mode:  IPPV, SIPPV,IMV, SIMV, PEEP, Manu, Sigh

Tidal Volume: 0~1500 mL;

I:E: 8:1~1:10

Respiration Frequency:  1~99bpm;

PEEP: 1.5~10 hPa;

Ptr: -10~10 hPa;

CO2 absorber capacity: 1.5 kg

IMV frequency: 1~12bpI

Inspiratory Plateau: 0~1S;

O2 Concentration: 21%~100%

Alarm parameter: upper /lower limit ofairway pressure, upper /lowerlimit of tidal volume, no tidal volume output,apnea, upper /lower limit ofoxygen concentration , AC power malfunction,battery low power


Loop part:

Integrated design, integrated breathingcircuit


High-precision single evaporatorconfiguration, enflurane or isoflurane or Sevflurane or Haloflurane

Concentration adjustment range: 0.5 ~ 5%VOL

Evaporator flow, pressure, andautomatictemperature compensation function

Self-locking feature


Vaporizer: one vaporizer,Enflurane/Isoflurane/Sevoflurane(Option: Halothane)

Anesthesia gas concentration range:0.5~5%

Soda lime absorption system resistant to high temperature of 176 degrees Celsius.CE & ISO certificates approved



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