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1, Brand 


Nanjing Puao Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd  formerly known as "Nanjing Jinling Electronic Equipment Factory", is the national domestic anesthesia machine manufacturers in the earliest seventy's key investment established. Their production of "Jinling" brand anesthesia machine had "characteristics, effective, safe, reliable and plain", become the famous brand. Products throughout the country the size of the hospital, and won the national Ministry of light industry exports commend enterprise. The present and future of foreign joint ventures, the company pay more attention to product and market reputation, the company has specialized quality control department, quality inspection personnel are after all relevant departments the training of professional personnel, to product from incoming start, every step is strictly controlled. Long term since, stable quality, good customer response.


2, Service


Nanjing Puao Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional production of medical equipment manufacturers, has 20 years of anesthesia machine, breathing machine, monitoring of R & D and production experience, is the earliest Chinese industry standard one of the drafters, users throughout the country. And Australia's HYDY group joint venture after the products are constantly updated, service more to follow the principles of customer-focused. We solemnly promise: receiving inspection or repair phone, give the phone to reply within 1 hours, on-site repair service guarantee to arrive at the scene within 48 hours. A professional engineer installation and training.


3, Business concept


Management personnel behavior concept:


Enterprising: continuous learning, improve ability, continuous improvement;


Responsibility: the courage to shoulder the responsibility;


Collaboration: good communication, active collaboration, service.


Professional and technical personnel behavior concept:


Refine on, continuous innovation, customer service, teamwork


Sales personnel behavior concept:


Not afraid of difficulties, the courage to open up, keep on carving, honest and trustworthy


The concept of production workers behavior:


Dedication, exquisite technology, quality first, the post training


Logistics service personnel behavior concept:


Strict duty, service specification, conscientious, hard-working

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