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First established in the 1970s and formerly known as the government sponsored “Nanjing Jinling Anesthesia Machine Factory” [金龙系统彩票金陵麻醉机厂], Puao Medical is the premier domestic manufacturer of anesthesia machines.


Operating out of the Pukou area, Our “Jinling” [金陵] series of anesthesia machines and ventilators built with “safety, reliability, simplicity and effectiveness” in mind quickly established itself as a well-known and celebrated brand both domestically and aboard. Although after more than twenty years of trials and tribulations, the company was facing unprecedented challenges, markets and competition. These new developments prompted the transition towards a new platform.


On July 22, 2002, Nanjing Jinling Anesthesia Machine Factory officially changed our name to Nanjing Puao Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd and fully embraced the transformation towards; strengthening our internal management, aligning our corporate culture, fostering a sense of unity and the continuing the development of the “Jinling” brand.


Epitomizing the Chinese idiom of “timely restraint enables future opportunity” [蓄力一纪,可以远矣], Puao Medical weathered this difficult 14 year transformation and matured into the defiant company that it is now. Moreover in this age of rapid medical breakthroughs and scientific development, the “Jinling” brand and our people stand at the forefront of innovation by adhering to a service philosophy of “round-the-clock diligent customer service anytime anywhere”.


Puao Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. endeavors to continue providing the best and most brilliants solutions to all anesthesia and respiratory needs for our clients old or new, domestic & abroad for a further 14 years.  


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